Reduce Your Weight Quickly

The Enteric Ketogenic Nutrition or EKN diet.
The EKN diet is an extreme, very low calorie (virtual starvation) diet which is followed for cycles of 10 days. Dieters consume 130 calories a day via a nasal gastric tube which is fed through the nose, and down into the stomach. This tube is attached to a pump which administers liquid nutrition through the tube on a 24-hour basis, pumping 2 litres of formula during the day and night.

Dieters must keep the tube in place all day and night, although they may remove it for a maximum of one hour per day for washing. During the daytime, dieters can carry the pump around with them, usually in a bag or backpack and must hang it up by their bed overnight.

Prospective followers of the EKN diet must undergo full medical checks and will be taught how to operate the pump. Daily routines include measuring Ketone concentration in their urine, monitoring their weight and bowel movements and noting how hungry they are on a scale of 1 to 10.

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