Family Medicine

As the world of health care, we get to notice that there is just one thing that is constant and that is family medicine. With the growing health and wellness conscious in Dubai, 800hospital is a one of a kind wellness centre in Dubai.

Unlike the other specialties which are usually constrained to one particular organ or a certain disease, family medicine is a care that focuses on integrates care directed to patients of all age groups and genders. Family physicians advocate patients in every stage of life to ensure complete health.

Our family physicians know everything about your body, trust them to heal you!

At 800hospital, we have an entire family medicine department that is devoted solely to family care. Our doctors work hard to provide generalist medical care to each and every patient. 800hospital, the number one wellness center in Dubai, provides world-class family care.

The skill and expertise of our family physicians are spread all over Dubai, and our wellness programs are quiet known.

800hospital has family physicians who have undergone extensive training and gained expertise in the field. Our family medicine specialists are the only experts who are qualified in treating almost all ailments, and they provide comprehensive health care for individuals – from newborns to adults.

We believe that health comes from when the body, mind, and spirit are in complete harmony. 800hospital’s experts will help you achieve a balanced and healthy life by offering you an individualistic approach to your wellness needs, suggesting treatments that perfectly suit your age and lifestyle.

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